7 Tips To Keep Your Home Secure While You Are Away

Many people are concerned about the security of their homes when they are away. Before you leave your home on vacation or the holidays here are 7 simple modifications you should consider implementing when leaving your home to avoid a break-in. We’ll go through what to look for and how to enhance the protection of your home.

  1. Outside Lights

Make sure the outside of your home is well lit up so burglars don’t have the opportunity to hide anywhere on your property. This will allow residents and neighbors to notice any suspicious activity in the area. Install lights with motion detection sensors around the outside perimeter of your home. Motion detectors are the best option for outside security lighting since they turn on and off automatically when they detect movement. This could discourage burglars who are trying to go unnoticed.

  1. Lock Your Home

Make sure every door and window is locked before you leave the house, even if it’s just for a short time. One of the most common ways people get burglarized is by leaving their homes unsecured. A good way to prevent this from happening is to lock every door and window before you leave your house.

  1. Don’t Leave Notes On Your Door

Don’t leave notes on your door about being away from home for an extended period of time, thieves may break in because you are not there to defend your belongings, Thieves will keep a close eye on homes that have a ‘vacant’ look about them. In fact, any perceived vulnerability is an invitation to criminals who may be waiting for an opportunity to break into your home. If you’re going on vacation, ask a trusted neighbor to check in on your house while you’re gone.

  1. Secure Your Valuable Items 

Hide all expensive items in your home, thieves love jewelry and art pieces because they can sell them for large amounts of money easily. Make sure the valuable items are away from windows so they can’t be seen by thieves.

  1. Lock Your Car

Don’t leave anything valuable in the car, even if you have a garage. Remember, your car is an easy target for thieves since it’s already in their sight. Lock everything – windows, sunroofs, and doors – even if you’re only going away for a short time.

  1. Don’t Hide Extra Keys Under Mats

Never hide keys under mats or planters near your home these are easily accessible for any criminal who finds them to use against you later on. Thieves rely on people being careless so they can get easy access to your home.

  1. Social Media

Be very careful about what types of personal information you put on social media sites. Thieves have ways of hacking into your accounts and seeing where you are on any given day. Don’t make it easy for them, criminals love to play the odds.

Other Safety Measures To Consider

Investing in a high-quality security alarm system is just one of the many measures you may take to improve your home safety that requires more planning, budgeting, and effort than the simple-to-follow tips above.

A security alarm is a great deterrent as it scares away intruders before they can enter the home. The best type of system for your home is one that uses a sensor on each window and door, activated when the door or window is opened even an inch. These are known as “dual sensors” because they can detect entry in two ways (i.e., someone entering through the door or via an open window).


A good alarm system will have motion detectors that will send you an alert if the house is breached even If your system does not detect an open window or door. These systems are not only great for detecting entry, but they normally also include smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Furthermore, you could consider putting security film on your windows to prevent thieves from seeing inside. Additionally, windows covered with this film are very hard to break, another reason why many burglars avoid houses that have this kind of film applied. This type of window covering is not only very effective against burglars, but it also protects your furniture against UV rays.

As you can see, there are several things you may do to safeguard your house while you are away so that you may have peace of mind and enjoy your holiday. Protecting your home does not need to be difficult; in fact, the more basic precautions you take, the better.


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