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We have seen what’s to come.

Furthermore, it is a Shirt.

Welcome to the Plans on the White House Mission Shirt Configuration Challenge!

We’ve approached each American with a still, small voice, a mouse, and a smart thought to send in your plans for a superior John Kerry 2004 Official Mission Shirt, in the accompanying classifications:

Best Supportive of Kerry Shirt (positive twist, no notice of Shrub)

Best Enemy of Shrubbery Shirt (negative twist, should specify Bramble)

Best Issue Shirt – Homegrown

Best Issue Shirt – Unfamiliar

Most clever Shirt

Best Retro Shirt

Best Get Out The Vote Shirt

Generally snappy

We, individuals, will decide on plans, and afterward our regarded board of judges will make the last determinations. At that point we’ll open up the entryways on the world’s most equitable mission Shirt outlet! All returns after costs will profit the John Kerry Official mission.

We feel sure that, if Shirt innovation had been adequately exceptional at that point, the establishing fathers of this extraordinary country would have printed up some cheeky jokes to change the English Crown. Be a piece of the battle to free America — once more!

Plans on the White House Association (DOTWHO) is a free political board and isn’t approved by any applicant or competitor’s advisory group.

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