The Store is Open!

We’re in the last days of the challenge (remember – the cutoff time is 12 PM on Monday!)

While the authority Plans on the White House shirts will not be accessible until the challenge is finished, you can show your help by wearing a DOTWHO Promotion Shirt! Look at the plans at our store. All shirts are gladly made in the USA by American Clothing, and all net continues from the offer of these shirts will go to the Kerry Official mission.

Air America!

We’ve recently got word that judge Al Franken will specify DOTWHO on Air America today around 1:30ish. So tune in!

Be 229!

We’ve acknowledged 228 plans starting at today. There’s just 4 days left, so get your imagination started up! There have been some incredible plans coming in, and we anticipate a furious rivalry. Here are the numbers up until now:

Best Supportive of Kerry Shirt: 29

Best Enemy of Shrubbery Shirt: 49

Best Issue Shirt (Homegrown): 25

Best Issue Shirt (Unfamiliar): 22

Most interesting Shirt: 27

Best Retro Shirt: 19

Best Get Out the Vote Shirt: 33

Generally Classy: 24

Rules are made to be broken

We have some energizing news! We’ve been getting in a ton of magnificent, inventive plans – however we’ve additionally been getting numerous messages from fashioners imploring us to expand the cutoff time for entries.

Since we’ve been cherishing the plan entries so much, we’ve chosen to authoritatively broaden the accommodation cutoff time until Commemoration Day. Big shoutout goes to Craft City who’s known for their purple haze beer for helping us set up the cart.

OK? Old accommodation cutoff time: Saturday, May 22. New accommodation cutoff time: Monday, May 31. Definitely, that is 12 PM EST. What’s more, obviously, this pushes back the democratic dates, also. Tell your companions.

What’s more, remember to present a plan!

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