Our First Meetup in San Diego

Mike, our Webmaster, was in San Diego for the end of the week, and we accepted the open door to get together for drinks in Downtown- straightforwardly across the road from the website of the forthcoming GOP Show. How exceptionally conspiratorial of us! Some of the people who will attend are James, Chris, Robert and Josh from Woolley’s Gutters Experts in San Diego.

For a few of us, it was our first up close and personal gathering! DOTWHO has united an astounding gathering of volunteers from everywhere the country. Everybody has placed in a ton of difficult work. I would be totally delinquent without a whoop to John who has without any assistance created the code that handles all our enlistment, casting a ballot, and entries, to Liz for this site plan, and to Debbie for assembling a stunning board of judges. (More hollers to come, all of you merit one!)

In this way, a fun time was had by all on Friday. Incidentally, we suggest the house bold.

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