Designs on the White House

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Best Architecture in Portland

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Pioneer Town hall

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Our First Meetup in San Diego

Mike, our Webmaster, was in San Diego for the end of the week, and we accepted the open door to get together for drinks in Downtown- straightforwardly across the road from the website of the forthcoming GOP Show. How exceptionally conspiratorial of us! Some of the people who will attend are James, Chris, Robert and Josh from Woolley’s Gutters Experts in San Diego.

For a few of us, it was our first up close and personal gathering! DOTWHO has united an astounding gathering of volunteers from everywhere the country. …



You can help advance Plans on the White House locally. Here are a few thoughts for how to begin:

Make a media rundown of the print and broadcast news sources in your city or town. Incorporate papers, magazines, radio and TV. In the event that you’d like help with this, kindly email Press.

Download the news discharges on this webpage. (They’re posted under the MEDIA area.) Add yourself as the neighborhood contact. Make certain to incorporate a telephone number and email where the media can contact you.

Fax or …

The Store is Open!

We’re in the last days of the challenge (remember – the cutoff time is 12 PM on Monday!)

While the authority Plans on the White House shirts will not be accessible until the challenge is finished, you can show your help by wearing a DOTWHO Promotion Shirt! Look at the plans at our store. All shirts are gladly made in the USA by American Clothing, and all net continues from the offer of these shirts will go to the Kerry Official mission.

Air America!

We’ve recently got word that judge …

Best T-Shirt Design Contest! Enter Today

As far as you might be concerned, general society, for picking 32 extraordinary finalists in the Plans on the White House challenge! We had some extreme options, I know, and the democratic was exceptionally close. Much gratitude goes out to every one of our creators. It’s in the possession of the adjudicators now. Watch this space, we’ll be declaring the champs here on Monday, June 21st!

Cycle 2!

The semi-finalists have been picked, and Cycle 2 democratic has started! Simply head over to the democratic page and you can see …